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Liam's Memories Become Clearer on The Bold and the Beautiful


Brooke tells Hope it's good she's home to help Liam out. Hope still can't wrap her head around the fact that Liam's wife and father betrayed him in the worst way possible. They conclude he hasn't recovered from it and Bill's shooting is making it harder for him.

Brooke wonders if Hope has any regrets about telling Liam that Bill proposed to Steffy. She says she doesn't. Hope claims she thinks he needs to know the truth even if it doesn't sit well with Steffy.

Hope admits she wants to help Liam, even if it means helping him return to his marriage. She trusts Steffy's words, but asks out loud if Steffy can stick to her promises. Brooke encourages Hope to stay the course and see what happens.

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Later, Hope is with Liam in his hotel room. Liam is jumpy and blurts out he saw Bill propose to Steffy. He sits on the floor. He explains he visited Bill at the hospital. Liam saw in his father's eyes that he lied about Ridge shooting him. Hope tries to reassure Liam the real shooter will be caught and Ridge is innocent. Liam confesses to Hope he was at Bill's and he was the one who shot him.

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