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Perkie's Observations: Jason Presses Anna For Answers on General Hospital

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Peter spent the night on Maxie's couch. Maxie's thankful since his presence helped her get through the night. Peter gives her a pep talk and calls her a hero.

Lulu talks to Spinelli about her broken relationship with Maxie. Spin says she can't force a reconciliation, which Lulu understands. Despite that, she asks him to intervene on her behalf.

Nina's on day 34 of complaining about Peter to Valentin. She believes Peter has an agenda and wants to confront him. Valentin says he has her back, but thinks she's creating problems where there are none.

The Corinthos men have breakfast. Sonny tries to reminisce, but Mike's having problems remembering things, even Morgan.

Anna tells Jason she read the manuscript and it's full of clues. She feels her search for Henrik should start in Bern, where he spent his childhood. She mentions she'll find him using his birth date, which confuses Jason since Henrik's birth date wasn't mentioned in the manuscript.

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Anna covers, claiming Liesl told her. Jason tells her that Spinelli wants to go undercover as Henrik to gain access to Faison's safety deposit boxes. He's certain they'll find out Henrik's alias and last known whereabouts.

Jason plans on "dealing" with Henrik once he's found, which upsets Anna. She claims Henrik was dragged into his father's world. Jason wonders why she's defending Henrik again, but Anna feels he was forced to do things.

Griffin gets the DNA results that prove Peter and Faison are a match. He tells Ava he doesn't know what to do with the results since he obtained them illegally. Ava says if it's someone else's best interest, then Griffin knows what he needs to do.

Lulu runs into Nina and asks about Maxie, but Nina's not interested in telling her anything. Valentin asks if Lulu has a lead on Henrik and offers his resources. Lulu says Henrik could still be in Port Charles.

Spinelli drops Georgie off at Maxie's and is not thrilled to see Peter. Spin points out that Maxie has other people she can lean on. Maxie says she can't talk to Liesl and Nina. She explains they are also devastated and her parents are too busy handwringing.

Maxie says Peter isn't grieving and she can feel anything around him. Spinelli brings up Lulu, but Maxie shuts him down. Maxie says Lulu put Nathan's life at risk for her career and doesn't regret anything.