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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital Airs Its 55th Anniversary Episode

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Sunday marks the 55th anniversary of General Hospital, so today's episode honored that milestone with a storyline with flashbacks......

The Corinthos men have transformed the Metro Court into Luke's Bar to honor Mike. Kevin tells them it was a good idea because Mike will respond to the nostalgia of the occasion.

Liz talks to Bobbie, Kevin and Monica about their first day on the job at the hospital. They discuss how things were for Steve and Audrey, and we get a flashback.

Felicia and Mac try to convince Maxie to join them for the party, but she's not interested. Later on, Bobbie heads over to talk to Maxie, who says she has too many memories of what she lost with Nathan. Bobbie understands the grief because she lost BJ. She says both BJ and Nathan would want Maxie to live her life. Maxie joins Bobbie at the party.

Scott and Bobbie reminisce, with visuals of Scott, Lee, and Luke and Bobbie.

Ned remembers his grandparents and Monica has a flashback of her many arguments with Alan.

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Sonny and Anna discuss Robin. Anna remembers the now infamous scene of her with a 7 year old Robin running to each other. (It doesn't matter that I've seen it a bunch of times, it gets me every time.) 

Sonny talks about Stone and thinks about his death. Meanwhile, Jason and Carly share memories of baby Michael.

Ned sings a song as he and Alexis remember their past.

Felicia and Bobbie come together over BJ and Maxie.

Lucy, Kevin, Mac and Felicia discuss the Nurse's Ball over the years. We get a flashback of Lucy and her many costume changes. No one can forget Kevin and Mac in drag.

Dante asks Sonny if he has any regrets. Sonny says it was the time he shot him.

Monica and Jason share a moment, as do Sonny and Carly.

Sonny and Mike share a toast at the end of the evening.