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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will J.T. Be Exposed By Mac?

yr 20

J.T./Mac: The Hellstroms marriage is all but over and J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) is hard-pressed to divorce Mac (Kelly Kruger) ASAP. J.T. has a meeting with Mac and acquiesces to all of her demands, which includes supervised visits with their children. J.T. draws red flags for Mac when he becomes amiable to all of her terms and rushes the divorce through. Mac decides to put the brakes on things and learns what is going on with her soon-to-be ex. Will Mac put a kink in J.T.'s plans to be with Victoria (Amelia Heinle)? Watch for J.T. to partake in a risky maneuver.

Billy: The Abbott playboy (Jason Thompson) starts to notice how close Red (Gina Tognoni) and his ex-brother-in-law Nick (Joshua Morrow) are.

Ashley/Jack/Abby: Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and her socialite daughter (Melissa Ordway) are blown away to discover Old Smilin' Jack (Peter Bergman) is not John's (Jerry Douglas) son. DNA doesn't lie and the test shows Dina (Marla Adams) wasn't having an episode with her memory. Abby tries to convince her mother to tell Jack about their discovery, but Ashley tells her not to. What is Ash up to? Meanwhile, the secret starts to gnaw away at Ashley. Will she tell Jack the truth?

Ashley: The chemist questions Kyle's (Michael Mealor) motives.

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Jill/Nikki: It hasn't been a week yet and Jill's (Jess Walton) return to Genoa City is already drama-filled. The former nail tech stirs up some beef about resuming the groundbreaking ceremony at Chancellor Park. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) placed a pin in the festivities because of Victor's (Eric Braeden) hospitalization, but Jill has decided to snatch the stage all for herself. She wrangles Esther (Kate Linder) to help with planning the event. Later when the ceremony is underway, Jill boldly tells the crowd how she was Katherine's (Jeanne Cooper) closest friend. 

Just then, Nikki shows up. Jill tries to placate her by saying she doesn't need to be at the event, but Nikki doesn't buy what Jill is selling. Nikki tries to overlook Jill's petty behavior and suggests the two women work together to honor Katherine. As the two are paying tribute to Kay, Jill decides to tell the crowd how tight she and the late grand dame were. She claims she knew her better than anyone, something Nikki is not amused to hear Jill lie about. Look for the two women to get into a heated exchange. Both Nick and Devon (Bryton James) step in to defuse it.

Devon: The uptight billionaire stuns his ex-wife (Mishael Morgan). Later, Devon and Hilary get steamy.

Nick/Sharon: The recent kiss shared between Nick and Sharon (Sharon Case) is weighing heavily on the coffeehouse maven's mind. Sharon tries to discuss what happened between her and Nick, but the Newman playboy can't focus on anything except his dad. Sharon decides to give him space due to his family's crisis. She opens up to her eldest cub Mariah (Camryn Grimes) about what took place. 

Mariah lets her mom know everything she tried to warn her about is taking place. She wants to know just how deep her feelings for her former high school sweetheart and ex-husband run. Later, Mariah questions why Nick is avoiding speaking to Sharon. She wonders if her mom really wants Nick back or just got swept away in the kiss. Are Sharon's feeling's legit or is she just being nostalgic?

Victor: A mystery person pays the Black Knight a visit. Later Victor shocks his loved ones.