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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Ices Nina on General Hospital

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Finn complains to Alexis he's received a bunch of parking tickets. She points out it's the same badge number on all of them, hence the same police officer. Alexis mentions the fake relationship they're having and how she wants to be honest with Julian. Finn tells her they should try to have a real relationship.

Anna asks Griffin about moving in with Ava. He explains it's temporary, then asks about her investigation of Henrik. Anna tells him she's working with Jason, which concerns Griffin because Jason is a killer.

Griffin thinks Anna should work with someone she can trust. She explains she doesn't want to put anyone in danger.

Lulu tells Peter she wants to expose Henrik and needs a copy of The Severed Branch. Lulu says her editor has already given her consent and all she needs is the book. Peter hands her his copy, but points out this could destroy any attempts to reconcile with Maxie.

Lulu says she's only trying to unmask who Henrik is, and will leave it to others to catch him. She feels this will give Maxie peace.

Nina finds Maxie at the hospital and is upset she didn't tell her about her appointment. Maxie's happy to see Nina cares, but says she needs space. Nina's presence reminds her too much of Nathan.

Nina understands, though it saddens her. Maxie asks for them to spend less time together. She adds she's been leaning on Peter because he's not connected to Nathan.

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Jason tells Spinelli about Sam's break up from Drew. He explains that he and Drew fought with each other. Jason says Sam is now making decisions for herself.

Sam stops by the office to tell Drew she's leaving for a few days to figure things out. She asks him if she can bring Scout. Drew asks if Jason is going with her. Sam says she needs time alone.

Drew wonders how they will divvy up everything they've built so far. Sam doesn't want to get into that right now.

Finn confronts Chase about the parking tickets. Chase says he's trying to get his brother's attention and wonders why Finn is objecting. Finn says they don't have a relationship, which is fine with him.

Alexis approaches Anna and asks her if Finn is available. She says they're getting to know each other, but wants to make sure Anna doesn't have a problem with it. Anna tells her to go ahead with Finn.

Griffin finds an angry Nina, who complains to him about Peter. Later Nina, calls Curtis to hire him.

Jason spots Lulu with a copy of the book and questions her about it. Jason asks to see the real ending since his copy didn't have it. Jason reads the epilogue, which states the writer has a lighter, the only keepsake from his father.

Peter's playing a lighter with the initials CF on it when Griffin shows up accusing him of being Henrik. (Oy vey Griffin, all you know about Faison and his son, do you really think it's the right move to confront him?)