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Perkie's Observations: Anna Realizes She's on Henrik's Hit List on General Hospital

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Peter storms into Griffin's office and demands he keep his identity a secret. Griffin promises that he'll keep the truth to himself, but still feels Peter needs to come clean. Griffin says he'll only reveal the truth if Peter becomes a danger to others, which Peter swears he won't.

Griffin tells Peter that others, like Jason and Anna are searching for Henrik, and his best chance is to come forward first.

Kevin wants to have a session with Franco right now, but Franco as usual is balking at it. He doesn't want to know what happened. Kevin feels it's the best way to get answers. After much going on back and forth, Franco finally agrees. Seriously, this story is moving at a glacial pace.

Ava's getting rid of some old toiletries of Julian's to make room for Griffin and finds an old bottle of cologne from Morgan. Nelle offers to get rid of it for her, which really means she'll go spray it somewhere in Carly's vicinity. Again, Ava warns Nelle to stop gaslighting Carly, but Nelle refuses.

Carly and Bobbie discuss BJ's death because the 24th anniversary is coming up. Bobbie realizes it's about Morgan and questions why it's hitting Carly so hard today. Carly explains to Bobbie about finding the scarf and the phone calls.

Bobbie thinks grief is playing tricks on Carly's mind, but Carly insists the scarf was real and someone is trying to mess with her. Why she didn't immediately think of Nelle is beyond me.

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Michael sets up his phone to record some of Mike's stories for the younger Corinthos generation. Mike's doing well until he shares a story about his parents, then he suddenly regresses to his childhood.

Mike freaks out and declares he needs to go home to his parents. Sonny stupidly yells at him that his parents are dead, which freaks Mike out even more. Michael calms him down by going along with Mike's train of thought.

Michael explains to Sonny his condition is called sundowning. It's a time when Alzheimer patients regress.

Jason meets with Anna and asks her about Faison's belongings the night he died. Anna says they ended up with the WSB. Jason shows her the book. Anna reads the epilogue which mentions the lighter.

Anna says she didn't see the lighter in Faison's belongings, which means Henrik must have taken in before Faison died. There is a passage at the front of the book as well. Anna reads it and realizes Henrik is coming for his mother next.

Griffin gets home and asks Ava where the test results are. Ava's interested, but Griffin says it's not his secret to share. He plans on destroying the results in the morning. While he's out of the room, Ava looks at the results.

Kevin puts Franco under with hypnosis and takes him back to the night Drew fell down the stairs. Franco is able to admit he's scared of "him". When Kevin pushes, Franco says he's afraid of Jim Harvey.

Jim resurfaces in town and spots a news article that Betsy is in the hospital. He heads over there.