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J.T.'s Magic Words Get Him Some Sexy Time on The Young and the Restless


Victoria comes home all tired and stressed out. J.T. appears and turns on some mood music, promising her a day of pampering and adoration. He asks about Victor. When she says there's been no change, he says he's sorry. 

Victoria tells J.T. the situation with her father has made her look at her own life and priorities. She won't be controlled again. He says he's proud of her. He tells her he respects her and says she's amazing. He lays the compliments on thick.

J.T. admits he's felt like a failure for the past year. He explains he started to feel differently when they got back together. He thinks the counselor helped him realize how lucky he is. His velvet words work their magic on Victoria. When he kisses her, she starts taking his clothes off.

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