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Steffy C-Blocks on Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful


Hope confesses to Liam she wanted to return to LA and respect his marriage to Steffy. She decided that he deserves so much better because of Steffy and Bill's one-nighter.  Liam tells her she's a miracle. She says he's the only man she wants. They kiss until their special moment is broken by a knock at the door.

Liam lets Steffy in. She asks for a moment alone, so Hope leaves. She's tells Liam that Ridge was exonerated and Bill was discharged. She thanks him for helping to free her father from prison. Steffy wants him to leave the skank hotel room he's been living in. She is ready to put in the work to be a family and wants him to return home. She leans in and kisses him where Hope just did. 

Meanwhile, four couples sit around and talk about Ridge, Brooke and Bill. They are happy Ridge was freed, but Wyatt is concerned the real shooter is still on the loose.

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