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Perkie's Observations: Liz Handles Jim on General Hospital

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Jim pulls a gun on Liz to help him get away. Liz convinces Jake to make a run for it. He does, but instead of getting help, Jake returns. Liz fights with Jim.

Franco wants Kevin to put him back under hypnosis. Kevin says it won't work if Franco's not ready and he can't force it. Kevin tells him to come back tomorrow.

Carly wants to know what's happening with Sam. Jason tells her about Sam's mini-vacation to focus on herself. Jason doesn't want Sam to go back to Drew.

Nelle lets herself into Carly's house to create a haunting atmosphere. When Carly gets home, Nelle has the lights flicker and turn off. Carly hears noises upstairs and is forced to check them out in the dark. Carly finds a broken photo of Morgan.

Oscar talks to Kim about her feelings for Drew. He encourages his mother to tell Drew how she feels.

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Betsy asks Drew to get Franco so she can tell him about Jim Harvey. Betsy tells him she just saw Jim in her room. Drew discounts it and tells her the police are after Jim.

Drew asks what happened when they were kids. Betsy paints a rosy picture until Jim entered their lives. Betsy says Franco was trying to protect Drew and tells him what happened, which we are not privy to.

Jason tells Sonny he sent Spinelli to Europe to pose as Henrik. Sonny says he should be using Anna instead of Spinelli. Jason thinks Anna gets too squirrelly regarding Faison.

Sonny tells Jason about Mike mentioning a field in Croton. Sonny reminds Jason he disposed of a body there for Scully. Sonny mentions Mike was never there and couldn't possibly remember it.

Franco comes across Jim and Liz in the garage. Franco attacks Jim, who drops the gun. Liz runs. She finds Drew and Kevin, and tells them what happened. Kevin comforts Jake while Drew and Liz head back to the garage.

When they get to the garage, Franco, Jim and Liz's car are gone.