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Perkie's Observations: Jim Tries to Kill Franco on General Hospital

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Jordan shows up at the hospital and Liz explains what happened in the parking garage. Drew fills her in on Betsy's reaction after she saw Jim. Jordan puts out an APB on Liz's car. Scott gives them the direction he saw the car heading when it pealed out of the garage.

Josslyn doesn't understand why Michael won't get back together with Nelle. Michael reminds her once again that he and Nelle are over and plan to co-parent only.

Nelle and Brad show up for lunch. Michael is bothered that Nelle is hanging out with Brad, so he warns her against him. Nelle defends Brad, saying he's been nice to her.

Carly hears someone in the house and grabs a baseball bat to protect herself. It turns out to be Sonny. Carly shows him the broken photo of Morgan. Sonny feels it was from the earthquake. Carly finally tells him about the other calls and the scarf.

Sonny questions why she didn't tell him any of this. Carly says he's been dealing with Mike. Sonny promises they'll get through this together.

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Scott admits to Liz he saw Franco driving the car, but there was no sign of Jim. Liz tells him they need to find them. Scott says he'll work with Mac and heads off. Liz explains to Drew she doesn't know why Franco was so bothered by Jim.

Drew wonders where Franco would have taken Jim. Liz mentions the twin painting and where to find it.

Franco lets Harvey out of the trunk and drags him to his studio. Franco says he remembers what happened the night he pushed Drew down the stairs. Franco says he was protecting Drew from Jim.

Franco says he'll kill Jim. Jim counters it's in Franco's DNA to hurt people. Jim tells him Betsy was weak and she sent Drew away because of the danger from Franco.

Franco says he remembers when Jim started bringing gifts for Drew. He then knew Jim was going to molest Drew just like he molested him. Jim denies it, but Franco's not having it. Franco insists Jim write down all the names of the children that he abused, which Jim eventually does.

Jim questions if Franco will turn him in. Franco says the statute of limitations on what Jim did has likely expired and promises to kill Jim quickly. Jim begs for his life, saying the other victims deserve to hear him admit what he did.

Jim mentions what Franco will lose, namely Liz. It distracts Franco long enough for Jim to attack Franco. The two fight for the gun, which flies away. Jim gets the upper hand and is ready to kill Franco. Drew walks in and shoots Jim.