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Perkie's Observations: Carly Worries About a Break-in on General Hospital

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Drew shoots Harvey, then calls 911. Franco comes around. Drew explains that Betsy told him everything and he knows what Franco did all those years ago to save him.

Jordan wants to know what's really going on with Franco and Jim Harvey, but Liz isn't forthcoming with details. Jordan is called to the studio. Once there, Drew tells her he had to shoot Jim to save Franco. Liz takes Franco to the hospital to get checked out.

Sonny gets his panties in a bunch because he's only hearing about things now. Carly calls Jason to come over and tell him the exact same thing she's already told him. Jason explains that nothing was found on any security cameras and wonders what happened. Carly is certain someone was in the house with her, so Sonny decides they need to call the police.

Lulu returns the book to Peter, telling him she's found a bunch of clues in it to Henrik's identity. Maxie shows up and wants to know about the book, but is upset when she learns who the author is.

Lulu admits she's writing a feature. Maxie accuses her of cashing in on Nathan's death again. Lulu swears she's only trying to find the truth.

Anna interrupts Alexis and Finn's date. She wants to know if he remembers seeing Faison with the lighter the night he was at Anna's house. Finn remembers the lighter. Anna thinks it's the key to finding Henrik.

Nina continues to complain to Valentin about her distrust of Peter. Lulu interrupts them to tell Valentin she wants to take him up on his offer to help find Henrik. This is news to Nina, but Valentin claims he's trying to get closure for her.

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Valentin agrees to give Lulu the resources she needs to search for Henrik. Lulu says she still thinks Henrik is somewhere in town.

Chase checks out Carly's house and tells her there is no sign of forced entry. He believes the broken photo was because of the earthquake.

Carly believes someone is sending her a message and wants Brick to check out the house. Sonny agrees as long as Carly get Griffin to check her out. Carly says she didn't hallucinate what happened, but will see Griffin to prove there's nothing wrong with her.

Anna summons Jason to tell him Faison had the lighter with him the night he was shot. She says it could have been taken from him when he went into surgery or before he was put in a room.

Jason believes Henrik was in his father's room the night Faison died and is leaving a trail for his mother.

Maxie's upset about the book because Henrik will benefit while Nathan died. Peter tells her to read the book since it might give her a different insight into Henrik. Maxie agrees to read it.

Jim Harvey dies from the gunshot wound. Jordan reassures Drew he won't be charged since he was defending Franco.

Franco is kept in the hospital overnight for observation. Liz is grateful she didn't lose him. Liz questions why Franco took Jim hostage and if he found answers to his past. Franco agrees to no more secrets and tells Liz the truth, though we're not privy to the conversation.