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The Young and the Restless: Victoria's Margarita Party Takes a Serious Turn


Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis are at Victoria's enjoying margaritas. Mariah has already passed out and Abby didn't stick around. Sharon points out they are on common ground despite their glaring differences of opinions. 

Victoria is listening, but is distracted and upset. Nikki admits she's happy to be with them and acknowledges honesty can be a bitch. Phyllis starts to rib Nikki about her beau, then Victoria pipes up. She says she can't do this anymore.

Victoria admits she's been telling half truths all day, but it isn't just about today. Nikki encourages her daughter to open up to them. Victoria tells them she can't lie anymore about things that have been happening for months. Sharon tells her she doesn't have to. Victoria tells them J.T. abused her, and Nikki consoles her.

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