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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Worries About a JaSam Reunion on General Hospital


Chase is surprised to find out that Ava is actually Avery's mother, and questions her whereabouts. Ava says she was waiting at the pub for the handoff from Carly. Michael vouches for her.

Ava demands to know where Carly was and why she wasn't with Avery as she was supposed to be. Max comes in to report that Sonny's enemies are claiming innocence. Sonny believes it was an accident. He thinks Mike went off with Avery, but won't hurt her. Ava points out they believed she was the threat to Avery, but it turned out to be Carly.

Sam wants to get Spinelli out of lockup, saying she she'll pass herself off as his lawyer. Jason disagrees. Alexis arrives and sends Jason away. She tells Sam she's worried about her.

Sam says she wants to help Spinelli. Alexis accuses Sam of doing something illegal in a foreign country with her children underfoot. Alexis believes Sam wants to get back together with Jason, which Sam vehemently denies.

Alexis says she wants Sam safe. She reminds her she broke free of Jason and that life, but is being dragged back in. Sam claims she doesn't want Jason and she's still figuring herself out. Sam asks Alexis to take care of the kids while she runs after Jason and Spinelli.

Kim buys Julian some pillows for his office bed since there weren't any the last time they did the deed there. Julian tells Kim he's been worried about Sam since she left town with the kids. He feels Sam is better off with Drew, then apologizes for being insensitive.

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Kim reassures Julian she doesn't have feelings for Drew and wants to have fun with him. Lucy shows up to discuss the Nurse's Ball. She explains the cause to Kim and needles Julian into donating as much as Sonny does.

Lulu's briefly distracted while spending quality time with Dante. Dante complains that Peter is manipulating her. Dante warns her to keep her eyes open around him, but Lulu defends Peter anyway. Lulu asks if Dante has any intel on Henrik, but he refuses to mix their businesses.

Sonny worries that Mike won't remember who Avery is and will leave her behind somewhere. Carly apologizes for not being there. Sonny asks again where she was. Max returns with an update that there is still no sign of Mike or Avery.

Jason poses as a US Marshall to get Spinelli out of the Zurich jail. Jason mentions he ran into Sam in Switzerland. Spin admits he's been keeping tabs on her and the kids. Jason doesn't like Sam being manipulated. Spinelli feels Sam lost herself when Jason died, but has found herself now that he's back.

Lulu gets the alert about Avery and tells Dante. He heads over to Sonny's for more information.

At the station, Griffin assures Ava they'll find Avery. Ava tells Chase the FBI should be called in because she believes this is a kidnapping. Michael calls Dante to tell him the FBI is being contacted.

Sam arrives in Zurich just as Jason and Spinelli are leaving.