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Perkie’s Observations: Ava Discovers Avery’s Missing on General Hospital

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Anna and Robert argue about what her intentions are for being in Switzerland and why she dragged Emma along. Anna claims it's just a research trip and she's using Jason's skills to help her. Anna tells Robert she believes Henrik deserves to be offered redemption and his own life now that Faison is dead.

Robert wonders why Jason is involved and not Finn. He believes Anna is crazy about Finn, but she denies it. She explains that Finn helped her on the Cassandra case, but they've since moved on.

Carly believes the note on the menu is asking her to visit Morgan's grave, which she does. Nelle has been there before her and sprayed the area with Morgan's cologne. When Carly gets there and smells the cologne, she starts to call out to Morgan.

Pilar gets home and tells Sonny that Mike and Avery disappeared from the park.

Sam and Jason run into each other. Sam just happens to be at the same hotel with the kids. Jason explains he's there with Anna and they believe Henrik is targeting his mother next.

Jason says he's following the money and believes Henrik is using the same bank that Faison did. Jason gets a call that Spinelli has been arrested by the Zurich police.

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Ava runs into Michael at the pub and asking where Carly is. She says Carly was supposed to drop off Avery to her and hasn't shown up. Nelle arrives and Michael invites her to an expectant parent shindig at ELQ the following night.

Griffin congratulates Kiki on getting into the shadow program. Kiki is thrilled until she gets her schedule and sees that she'll be spending the first four weeks shadowing Dr. Bensch. Kiki confronts David asking if he arranged it, but he denies it. Dr. Bensch says he knows she doesn't have feelings for him, but he can put it aside and be professional.

Chase finds Carly upset in the cemetery. He says she can't be there at night, but Carly says she was summoned by the note. When she hands him the menu, the note is no longer on the back.

After a conversation with a worried Griffin, Finn calls Anna to ask how she is. Anna reassures him. (I'm not sure why they're still trying to make these two work because I think that ship has sailed.)

Sonny summons Michael home. Pilar explains again about losing Mike and Avery. Michael says they need to call the police, something Sonny doesn't want to do since it will get Ava involved.

Chase takes Carly home and is told about the situation. Chase calls it in. Sonny questions where Carly was and what was so important that she wasn't at the park with the others.

While looking through photos on Ava's phone, Nelle finds the DNA results and questions Ava. Ava claims Griffin asked her to take a photo of the results, but Nelle calls her on it. Nelle and Ava get an amber alert on their phones about Avery.

Ava storms into Sonny's house, demanding to know what he's done to Avery.