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A Word (or Two) on Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens and Ambitions

Well, the big secret is finally out. For months we here at Daytime Confidential have parried tweets, dodged DMs, evaded emails and avoided any number of clever inquiries from readers and listeners asking some version of the same question: "What happened to Jamey Giddens and when is he coming back to Daytime Confidential?"

What happened to our own Jamey Giddens was finally revealed today. He's been working on Ambitions!

"Ambitions (working title) is a multigenerational family saga centered around one woman who, having recently relocated and intent on revitalizing her marriage, finds herself going head to head with some of the most powerful and deceitful players in the city. Ambitions will begin production later this year and will debut on OWN in 2019. The series will be produced for OWN by Will Packer Media in association with Lionsgate/Debmar-Mercury. Will Packer Media’s Sheila Ducksworth serves as executive producer alongside Packer; writer Jamey Giddens serves as co-executive producer."

Hollywood bibles like Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety provided the industry details and I highly encourage everyone to read them. I, however, want to focus on the man who is my Daytime Confidential business partner, but more importantly someone I consider a friend and a brother (albeit from another mother).

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When the Daytime Confidential podcast was still a speck in my eye and before the first episode aired in November of 2006 I knew I wanted Jamey on the Daytime Confidential podcast because, even way back then, he was my go-to soap friend for anything and everything on soaps. Needless to say, he refused. His reason: he was concerned podcasting would prevent him from pursuing his dream of writing soap operas.

It was nearly a year after, in late 2007, and well over 100 episodes later that Jamey finally agreed to come on the podcast. He debuted as a "special guest" and, much like Melrose Place's "Special Guest Star" Heather Locklear, won over audiences. This summer Daytime Confidential the podcast celebrates its 900th episode. 

For over a decade Jamey has lived his passion for soap operas both on the podcast and on Daytime Confidential through wit, humor and yes, occasionally, frustration. His analysis of character development, character and story arc can be heard on countless podcasts and read in his many Wishful Storytellings and Wishful Castings. Few can provide spot-on analysis and heartfelt honesty or point out the absurdity of a scene or story arc while making the audience cry with laughter like he does.

As Jamey entertained Daytime Confidential fans his dream to write professionally never ebbed. There were successes and speed bumps getting to this moment, but no writer's journey is complete without such experiences. Having a podcast, co-owning a blog or having a social media platform is very much the norm today. The same could not be said in 2007 when he chose the road less traveled. Reaching today may have taken longer than he hoped, but Jamey always strove toward his ultimate dream of writing serialized storyelling. Which may be why the working title of his first major primetime cable channel soap seems so appropriate: Ambitions.

If Irna Phillips, Bill Bell, Agnes Nixon or James E. Reilly were penning Jamey Giddens' journey I imagine this is when they'd take a moment to pause and reflect on what has brought their hero to the present, before beginning the next act. Only this time it is Jamey Giddens who will be telling a story. Not theirs, but his.

Congratulations - Luke Kerr and the Daytime Confidential team