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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets a Little Help from Emma on General Hospital

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Curtis tells Jordan about his investigation of Peter on Nina's behalf. He explains there is no record of his birth or existence before the age of 21. He wonders if Peter might be in witness protection and asks Jordan to look into it. Jordan calls a friend for the answer.

Kiki shares her concerns about Avery with TJ. Avery now has been missing all night. Kiki mentions the shadow program and how she's thought about turning it down. TJ is certain she was chosen because she's already a hospital employee, but Kiki remembers Dr. Bensch's kiss.

Maxie arranges a meeting between Nina and Peter so they can get to know each other and try to get along. Nina tells Peter the gory details of her past and asks for his. Peter talks about the boarding schools in Europe. He adds that he also attended school in the States. Nina gets called away. Peter tells Maxie that he's building a life here now.

Robert joins Anna and Emma, who are checking out boarding schools and looking for signs of Henrik. While Emma and Robert keep the head mistress occupied, Anna hacks into the school computer.

Franco has a bad dream. Liz wants to know the details so she can help him. He says it's about kids calling out for help, but that it isn't Drew. Franco shows her the list of names that Jim wrote up.

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Liz is shocked and upset that Jim destroyed so many lives. She thinks Franco should reach out to them and let them know Jim can no longer hurt them. Franco disagrees. He claims many may not want to be found and he doesn't know how to be a voice for the people.

Liz says she understands the shock and shame. She had people to help her through her rape. She tells Franco to take as much time as he needs to be free of it all.

Dr. Bensch is ready for the first day of shadowing, but Kiki wants to postpone it until Avery is found. He tells her that her personal life can't get in the way of her patients. He says there's nothing Kiki can do to help with the search.

Kiki questions whether he's behaving this way because she rejected him. Dr. Bensch angrily says she needs to show some maturity and not squander this opportunity.

Curtis tells Nina that Peter was never in witness protection, but he's still trying to find information. He tells Nina to act naturally around Peter and not make him suspicious.

Before Anna has a chance to find what she's looking for, the others return. Emma tells Anna she saw photos of theater productions from previous years in the library. She found the one for the year Henrik would have been at the school.

Emma has a cast photo on her phone. In the cast list, there is someone named Henri Francois. The Scorpios assume he's Henrik.