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The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Convinces Liam He's Innocent


Liam stops by Bill's for a chat. He tells Liam he wasn't the shooter, but Liam needs clarification. He doesn't get how Bill would know if he couldn't see behind him. 

Bill deflects the question and swaps gears. Bill tells him he wonders how he could have hurt Liam and drove him to the point of doing something against his nature. Liam tries to accept Bill and Steffy's word that he's innocent, but he can't explain away his visions.

Bill tells him he imagined it because he had a revenge fantasy and felt guilty when Bill was shot. Liam says he wouldn't want that on his worst day. He explains how he hated his father and brings up his potential death. Bill cuts him off and reiterates his son's innocence. 

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All Bill will ask is for Liam to trust his word, which he swears on his unborn grandchild.

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