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Days of Our Lives: Ciara's Phone Lands On an Unexpected Target


Eve wants to work out the details of the contest now that it's over, but Brady has other ideas. He declares he had a deal with Eve that gives him a second chance. When he asks her to dinner, she turns him down flat.

Tripp is on the phone wondering if the contest results were hacked.

Claire tells Maggie she is thrilled she won the contest, but is more excited that Victor wants her to represent Titan. She promises to do everything she can to carry on Isabella's legacy for Victor. Maggie is happy for Claire, but warns her not to rub her win in Ciara's face.

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Ciara reads an announcement on her phone about losing by one vote. She thinks about her chat with Tripp when they found out she lost the contest. She gets mad and throws her phone, which hits Wyatt on the back of the head.

Brady argues he won the bet. Eve counters she only accepted the terms because Brady badgered her. She adds that she thought she'd win and finally get Brady out of her life.

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