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Perkie's Observations: Carly Gets Her Test Results on General Hospital

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Ava and Sonny broadcast a statement asking for the public's help in finding Avery and Mike. Chase informs them that the FBI claims there is no evidence that it's mob related. Chase wants to follow up with Carly about what happened at the cemetery, which is news to Sonny.

Griffin has Carly's test results and wants her to come in to see him. When Carly gets there, he tells her that there is nothing physically wrong with her, but thinks she should see Kevin. Carly disagrees and tells him everything she saw and felt was real.

Franco tells Liz he's ready to go back to work. He believes it's time to move on. Later, he heads to Betsy's room. He thinks about confronting her, then forgiving her. In the end, he doesn't wake her up.

Drew runs into Liz, who mentions Franco is still dealing with the aftermath of the truth. She can't understand why Betsy would have allowed Jim into her home without protecting the boys. Drew is certain Betsy didn't know what was going on, but Liz says the kids always come first. Drew compliments Liz on her mothering skills.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar is proud of him for saving Franco's life. Drew downplays it, but since he's on a good mother tour, he compliments Kim for her mothering skills as well. Kim says Oscar is the joy of her life before asking about him about spending more time together.

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Julian offers Ava support and comfort. She wonders if Mike was a victim and if a rival family with a vendetta is responsible. Julian points out it could be someone from the Jerome's past as much as the Corinthos'.

Ava gets upset that Avery is paying the price because her enemies. Griffin arrives to comfort her. He offers to pray with them.

Franco tells Liz he saw Betsy, but didn't have the heart to blame her. Liz says she's there to help him. Franco decides he wants to make contact with the people on Jim's list.

Sonny confronts Carly about her searching for a ghost when she should have been in the park. If she was there, Mike wouldn't have wandered off. Carly says she told Pilar she would be late and she's not to blame. Carly says someone is trying to reach her and she smelled Morgan's cologne.

Sonny asks about her test results. Carly says there is nothing physically wrong with her even though he thinks she's losing her mind.

Chase and Dante field calls from the tip line. Dante thinks he knows where Mike took Avery.