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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Nikki Be Ratted Out For JT's Murder?


Sharon/Nikki/Victoria/Phyllis: The killer four's tangled tale may unravel before the investigation of JT's (Thad Luckinbill) disappearance kicks into high gear. At Crimson Lights Sharon, (Sharon Case) flips her lid when she spots JT and Colleen's (Tammin Sursok) names edged in a table. Later, she goes to the ranch and has a chat with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) about what they've done. Nikki quickly deduces Sharon is starting to break under pressure. They head out to the barn to talk more about JT's untimely demise.

Sharon implores to Nikki to turn herself in since she is the one that snuffed JT and not the others. Nikki insists she never intended to kill her former son-in-law and was trying to save Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Sharon thinks if all four of them go to the GCPD and explain Nikki acted in self-defense. Nikki calls Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) to let her know what Sharon wants to do. Red informs her ain't nobody snitching! Phyllis lets Sharon know if she goes to the cops she'd end up in jail since she was an accomplice and be separated from Faith. Sharon sees that Phyllis is right and decides to keep quiet. Will Sharon crack under pressure?

Victor: The Black Knight puts two-and-two together and learns Nikki is having an affair with Arturo (Jason Canela). What will Victor do with this intel?

Paul: The chief of police (Doug Davidson) plays a video of JT choking Victoria that Victor (Eric Braeden) had on his tablet. As Paul watches Nikki's demeanor, he becomes suspicious that she knows more about JT's disappearance. Is Paul about to bust Nikki?

Hilary: The talk show host (Mishael Morgan) learns she's having Devon's (Bryton James) baby. Watch for Hilary to tell everyone about the big news on her show.

Kyle: The Abbott corporate shark (Michael Mealor) has Ravi (Ahbi Sinha) pull the information off of Abby's (Melissa Ordway) burned flash drive and reconstruct it. Kyle discovers his grandma Dina's (Marla Adams) dirty secret about his father Jack (Peter Bergman) not being an Abbott. What will he do with this tea?


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Victor/Nikki: Is their open marriage over? It looked like it sure was when Victor did that jackknife down the stairs courtesy of JT, but it isn't. What will happen now that Victor and Nikki both know about the other's affair? Will Victor's medical issues bring them together?

Victoria: The pact she made with her mother, and former sisters-in-law Phyllis and Sharon is in danger of being broken as her father and brother Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) search for JT. Will their newfound alliance be broken?

Nick/Sharon: The former high school sweethearts are thisclose to reuniting, but the search for JT is a huge obstacle. Will Nick and Sharon find their way back to each other?

Jack: Old Smilin's paternity comes out in a huge and public manner. Look for everyone to accuse each other for the tea being spilled and for Jack to want blood and to go down a dark path.

Billy: The Abbott playboy (Jason Thompson) will start to come into his own and step up for the family.

Kyle: The estranged Abbott heir's return to Genoa City has ruffled feathers, to say the least. While Kyle is trying to carve his spot in the world, he also wants to bond with his family. Meanwhile, he refuses to end his relationship with Victor. What will happen with his relationship with his father?

 Abby: The Newman-Abbott hybrid feels responsible for Jack's paternity being released since she was the one to discover it. Watch for Abby to become involved with Arturo. What will Nikki and especially Victor think about this?

Devon/Hilary: The two are becoming parents but does this mean they will reunite romantically?