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Perkie's Observations: Anna Tells Robert About Henrik on General Hospital

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Ava insists that Mike put Avery's life in danger and she's going to take Avery home. Jordan points out that Sonny has full custody and Sonny claims he's already been generous with Ava. (Say what?!)

Ava decides she wants Mike arrested for child endangerment despite everyone's claims that Mike is ill.

Robert insists on knowing the truth from Anna and quickly figures out she's Henrik's mother. Robert feels she owes him an explanation, so Anna tells him the story. Robert questions why she continued the pregnancy. Anna says the baby was innocent, so she gave him up.

Anna says she thought she could turn Faison, but lost in the end. She says being assigned as Robert's partner gave her reason to hope. Robert apologizes she felt she couldn't tell him and promises to help her search for Henrik.

Robert says Henrik can never know Anna is his mother. He worries Henrik will destroy their family, Robin, and the kids. Anna promises she won't tell, then mentions that Valentin also knows the truth.

Nina decides to host a dinner party to find out more about Peter's past. Her guests include Peter and Crimson's cover model Riley. Maxie accidentally crashes the party to give Nina some papers and makes it her mission to save Peter from the boring Riley.

Valentin warns Peter that Nina hired Curtis to do a background check on him. Peter reassures Valentine that nothing will be found, which is what concerns him. Valentin wants Peter to leave town, but he says Maxie relies on him and tells Valentin to deal with Nina.

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JaSam and Spin continue to browbeat the Swiss bank manager. They find a photo of Henrik, but it's only a composite and not real. Spin finds out that Faison had a safety deposit box there and the bank manager accessed it after his death.

The bank manager admits he was contacted by Henrik to open the box and remove the letters pertaining to Jason and Drew. The manager gets the box. They find it now contains money and a bag of sapphires, which Sam decides should be donated to local charities.

The box also contains a conundrum box, which can only be opened by whoever the recipient is. Spin says the box will self-destruct if opened by anyone else.

Diane arrives at the PCPD to let them know Mike did commit a crime and will need to stay in lock-up until his arraignment in the morning. Dante offers to spend the night with him again. Mike is upset by everything he's done and people's reaction to it.

Ava says she wants Avery for the night. She threatens she'll raise an even bigger stink and leave Mike in lock-up even longer. Diane advises Sonny to let Ava have the child.

The Scooby-Doo gang show up at Robert and Anna's door to show them the conundrum box. Sam points out the cover is the Cassadine family crest.

Carly thinks they can win one over on Ava, but Sonny tells her not to worry about it. He wants her to take care of herself. Sonny thinks Carly is the one who needs help.

Ava's thrilled to have Avery home and swears she won't leave again.