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Perkie's Observations: Ava Wants Full Custody of Avery on General Hospital

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Sonny shows up at the PCPD to pick up Mike after his night in lock-up. Dante tells him there is a problem at the courthouse and Diane is trying to clear it up.

Scott meets with Ava and brings up joint custody. She tells him she wants to fight for full custody. Scott says she has to prove that Mike is a detriment to Avery, which Ava is ready to do. Griffin overhears Scott say he'll do whatever it takes.

Griffin wonders if this right tactic. He believes Avery wasn't kidnapped, and this will add to Mike and Sonny's suffering. Ava doesn't care about Sonny's suffering and is done being persecuted.

Kiki's ready for her day of shadowing with David, but he's a complete tool to her. David examines a patient and when Kiki doesn't immediately come up with a diagnosis, he tears a strip off of her.

Curtis interrupts Jordan's phone call about her medical records transfer. Jordan admits she had her cough checked out and the x-ray revealed a spot on her lungs. Curtis immediately checks Dr. Google and sees it could mean lung cancer.

Jordan tells Curtis she has a family history of lung cancer, but she doesn't want to worry about it until she has to. Curtis proposes to her.

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Michael tells Nelle he's worried about Mike and Avery. He mentions a custody battle is brewing and it will get ugly. Michael wonders if Nelle can influence Ava into joint custody.

Carly has an appointment with Kevin and reluctantly explains what's been happening. Kevin mentions her previous breakdown and wants to keep it from happening again. Kevin prescribes her an anti-anxiety medication.

Nelle gets to Ava's apartment to catch the tail end of her argument with Griffin. After Griffin leaves, Nelle thinks maybe Ava should consider joint custody, but Ava disagrees.

Griffin overhears David berate Kiki. After he walks off, Griffin checks in with Kiki. Kiki almost tells Griffin what's happening, but backs off. Griffin offers an ear to her and a hug, which David sees.

Scott stops by the station and rubs it in Sonny's face that Ava is going for full custody. The two get in a scuffle, which Dante has to break up.

Mike apologizes to Sonny for screwing up his life and feels Sonny would be better off without him there. Sonny disagrees.

Dante tells Sonny he needs Ava's cooperation or Mike will end up staying in jail longer. Sonny worries that Mike will slip farther away.