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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Spend Time Together on General Hospital

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Drew stops by Alexis' to check up on Sam. Alexis explains that she stayed behind to help Spinelli.

Julian overhears Lucas talking about the adoption and congratulates him. Lucas thanks his father for agreeing not to be in the baby's life. Julian says he didn't want to jeopardize the adoption.

Jordan turns down Curtis' proposal because the timing isn't right. Curtis says this medical scare is a wake up call. Jordan reminds him that she broke her vows with his brother. Curtis doesn't think they'll make the same mistake.

Jordan worries how TJ will react if they don't make it. Curtis says TJ has his own life and the only ones that matter are the two of them.

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Sam and Jason find themselves alone in their hotel room. Spinelli heads back to the US without them. Sam says she wants to stay so she can look for Henrik, but Jason reminds her she wanted distance.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar wrote a piece for the school newspaper and is embarrassed to show his father. Across town, Joss convinces Oscar to send it to Drew. Drew compliments Oscar on his talent. Kim gushes that they have a great kid.

Alexis and Finn discuss their relationship. They don't want to be each other's rebound, but admit they like each other. The two decide to have sex again just as Julian shows up and watches through the window.

Jordan gets a call from her doctor that the spot on her lung has been there since childhood. She says the cough is from the earthquake dust. She and Curtis decide to put the marriage proposal on hold.

Jason says he'll respect whatever decision Sam makes. He explains how he got out of Russia. He tells her he met Huxley on the ship and won his watch. Jason gave the watch to the bartender in New York. Sam realizes it's the same bar she and Drew visited. Sam wonders if it's fate.