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Days of Our Lives: Miguel Plays Hard Ball With Chloe


Eve and Brady are in the square. He tells Eve he's not drunk, but doesn't feel right. Eve doesn't believe he's sober and calls him a sad excuse for a man. She adds that he can drink himself to death for all she cares. After she walks away, he passes out.

Lucas promises Chloe some heavy courting as she walks him out of Doug's Place. After she locks the door, Miguel appears from the shadows. She tells him he can't convince her to change her mind about the job offer. He pulls out a gun and points it at her. 

Chad is in the interrogation room at the Salem PD. Hope tells him Justin is tracking down the judge to set bail, but hasn't had any luck. Chad tells Hope to let him go so he can find Abigail.

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Gabby is at Stefan's bedside at the hospital. She tells him she doesn't want to leave him alone. She puts her head on his chest and starts singing to him. Stefan tries to respond, but his wrist is handcuffed to the bed.

(NBC has changed their website. There is no link to embed the video. Until I figure it out, I'll provide the link. Thanks for your patience!)

Link to the DAYS clip here and comment below!