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The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Sells Wyatt Some Snake Oil


Wyatt is at work with Bill. Bill tells him that Liam and Steffy's marriage is over, and Liam can now move on with the right woman. Wyatt deduces he's talking about Hope. He doesn't believe there is anything going on between his father and Steffy.

Wyatt explains how Liam and Steffy are working on their marriage. Bill remains silent, so Wyatt just keeps filling in the gaps. He refuses to believe there's anything more to Bill and Steffy's relationship. Wyatt reminds Bill he's there to work, not facilitate his fantasies.

Steffy calls and Bill puts her on speaker. She says she needs to see Bill now, so he tells her to come to the office. Before she hangs up, she tells him she's grateful for keeping their secret. Wyatt just can't believe what he hearing. Bill encourages Wyatt to let Liam know what's really going on so his brother can move forward.

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When he's alone, Bill declares that Steffy will be his.

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