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General Hospital: Robert Gives Anna Some Intel on Valentin


Perkie is out of town, so here is a quick recap. 

Anna, Lucy, and Finn are at Kelly's talking about the upcoming Nurses Ball. Lucy hopes Anna and Finn will work together to raise money for her cause.

Anna spies Robert, who nods her toward the door. Anna quickly excuses herself and apologizes to them. Finn tells her it was nice seeing her before she bolts out the door.

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Lucy tries to soothe Finn's feelings by rambling on about relationships between new exes and old exes. She gives him some suggestions on what he and Anna can do for an act. Finn doesn't think he and Anna will work together, but he tells Lucy he will do everything he can to support the ball.

On the patio, Robert tells her he met with Valentin. He says Valentin's odd behavior confirmed something he felt about him in Switzerland. He informs her Valentin personally delivered her son to Faison.

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