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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Sonny Come To an Agreement on General Hospital

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Robert tells Anna that Valentin was in Switzerland at the same time Henrik went to live with his father. Anna's upset that Valentin would hand Henrik over to Faison, but blames it on their youth. Robert thinks she's giving Valentin a pass.

Curtis finds a file on Nathan in Peter's office. Nina sends Curtis a text to leave, which he does. However, Peter sees him.

Peter eavesdrops as Lulu tells Jason she's been in contact with Henrik. Lulu wants a face to face meeting, but Jason doesn't like the idea. Jason says Henrik is dangerous and is responsible for keeping him in Russia.

Valentin shows Nina the photo of the box that Robert gave him. Nina worries, but Valentin says he isn't worried.

Diane tells Sonny that Mike may get convicted. Carly and Ava argue about motherhood and how Avery will feel about her mother.

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Ava tells Sonny she's going for full custody and that Mike will go to prison. Sonny claims he'll have everyone testify on Mike's behalf, including Kiki. Sonny feels Ava is an unfit mother. Ava offers to drop the charges in exchange for joint custody.

Nelle tells Diane she wants Carly to be guardian to her baby. Diane and Carly are suspicious. They think Nelle's trying to manipulate Michael, but Nelle claims she wants what's best for her baby.

Curtis tells Nina about finding the file on Nathan in Peter's office. This worries Nina, who thinks it has to do with him getting closer to Maxie.

Sam explains to Drew about her trip to Switzerland and how she wants to stay on at Aurora. Drew agrees to separate their professional and personal lives.

Peter tells Valentin that Curtis was in his office, but there's nothing to find. Valentin tells him about Robert and the box. Peter doesn't think there is anything to connect them, but Valentin is worried.

Jason tells Robert he thinks the way to lure Henrik out is to use his mother.

Sonny announces that he and Ava will have joint custody in exchange for Mike's release. Mike gets upset.