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Perkie's Observations: Anna Confesses to Jason on General Hospital

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Griffin accuses Ava of lying to him about her deal with Sonny. Ava says she did what she needed to do to get her daughter back. Ava says CarSon have never been decent to her and she doesn't regret using her leverage.

Ava accuses Griffin of undermining her case and always siding against her. Griffin counters he could have lost his license if he'd lied. Ava wonders where that leaves them.

Jason tells Sam he's trying to find Henrik's mother in order to flush him out. Sam mentions she'll be staying on at Aurora, but that she and Drew are getting a divorce.

Robert updates Anna that Jason is looking for Henrik's mother. Anna's not worried since the only ones who know the truth are Robert, Andre, and Valentin. Anna figures she just needs to stay a step ahead of Jason.

Carly thinks Sonny blames her. He says he's angry with himself for not paying closer attention to Mike. Sonny complains he didn't know what was happening with Carly because she didn't tell him.

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Sonny wonders what Carly was expecting to see in the cemetery. Carly says Jason returned from the dead and maybe Morgan will too. Carly tells him about the medication Kevin prescribed for her.

Finn gets angry with Alexis for orchestrating the brunch with Chase. She apologizes for misleading them and leaves. Chase questions why Finn hates him and wonders if it's because his father remarried so quickly. Finn doesn't want a relationship with his brother.

David's happy with Kiki's work. She wonders why there's a sudden change in his feelings for her. David claims he's just testing her, so Kiki figures she overreacted.

Lucy has some Nurses Ball business to discuss with Carly. Lucy apologizes again for not telling Carly that Ava had switched Morgan's pills. Carly gets upset and thinks she's starting to lose her mind. Lucy doesn't believe Carly's crazy, just human.

Sam asks for Alexis' help with the divorce. Alexis mentions Aurora. Sam says she's staying for now, but then it can be given to Drew.

Sonny explains to Jason about Carly's issues. He believes Carly is grieving. Jason defends Carly.

Anna summons Jason and tells him she's Henrik's mother.