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General Hospital: Jason Visits Jake on His Birthday


Just a quick note. Perkie will be back tomorrow. She was gone last week because of a windstorm that knocked out her power for a few days. That said, here is a GH quickie for you.

Franco and Liz are in the kitchen talking. She's trying to get him to his meeting on time with a man who knew Jim Harvey. He's worried about how it will go, but she encourages him to follow through with it. Liz promises Franco they will have a lot to celebrate when he comes home.

After he leaves, the doorbell rings. Liz answers and it's Jason. He wants to drop off a birthday gift for Jake. She offers to make him some coffee, but he's all jumpy and nervous. She tells Jason that Franco isn't home. Jason tells Liz he can see she's busy, so he tries a hit and run with the gift. Liz gets one up on him and calls Jake downstairs. He bounds down the steps and comes face-to-face with his father.

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