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Perkie's Observations: Valentin and Peter Argue About Anna on General Hospital

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Ned and Olivia get angry at Alexis. She's suing the city on behalf of the residents who are suffering. Ned thinks Alexis is fighting to be mayor again, but she feels someone needs to be held accountable.

Sam question Maxie about Lulu, but Maxie's not ready to forgive her. Maxie questions why Sam isn't leaving Aurora after all. Sam claims she has unfinished business to take care of.

Valentin tells Peter that Robert won't be a problem anymore, but Peter's worried about Anna. The two argue until Valentin insists that Anna be left alone. Valentin says it would be suspicious if Anna went missing as well.

Valentin talks about how he looked after Peter since he was a child, filling the void that Faison left. Peter says Valentin is vulnerable to Anna and something needs to be done about her.

Lulu tells Anna that someone claiming to be Henrik's mother has contacted her. She mentions that Henrik himself wants to tell his side of the story. Lulu says she wants to meet with Henrik, but Anna warns her not to. Lulu agrees to simply answer the mother's email.

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Drew and Jason run into each other at the gym and there's no love lost between them. Jason mentions he's still looking for the flash drive which would return Drew's memories. Drew says he'll handle things his way.

Franco tells Liz about his meeting with Steven Blake. The two head over to the Q mansion. They show Ned and Alexis company asset documents from Niagara to the city of Port Charles.

Nina tells Sam she's no longer investigating Peter. She shows Sam the book of memories Peter gave her. She says Peter doesn't have an agenda. Maxie and Nina share a moment with the book.

Maxie runs into Lulu. She thanks her for the donation in Nathan's name, but that's all.

Sam tells Peter she's not leaving Aurora after all.

Valentin summons Anna, but she refuses to meet with him.