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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Plans a Blowout For Carly on General Hospital

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Nelle gives Ava a gift to give back to her at the shower. Ava doesn't want to, but Nelle holds the DNA test photo over Ava's head. Nelle is certain that her takedown of Carly will be epic.

Joss spots Carly taking one of her pills. When she asks her about it, Carly deflects. Joss talks about Nelle's baby shower and tries to convince her mother that Nelle isn't the devil.

Sonny explains to Michael that Carly has been seeing and hearing things related to Morgan. Carly finds them talking about her. She gets upset they're talking behind her back. Carly promises that she hasn't been thinking about Morgan and has been trying to make nice with Nelle.

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Brad drops by the gallery to tell his bestie Nelle that his baby will be born around the same time as hers. Nelle invites Brad to the baby shower. Later, Brad checks in with Lucas, but he has no interest in attending Nelle's shower.

Kim tells Julian that she's worried about Drew and Oscar, who have a hiking trip planned.

Drew's ready for the trip, but finds out Oscar hurt his knee practicing for the Nurses Ball. So, Drew takes him to the hospital instead. Oscar tells Drew he needs to do everything he can to get his memories back. Later, Drew calls Dr. Maddox.

Ava wonders how far Nelle is going to take things. Nelle says she's going to make Carly a raving lunatic. Nelle mentions the haunting, but then refuses to give Ava details. Ava swears if Nelle's plan implicates her or hurts Avery, she'll unleash her fury on Nelle.

Nelle swears her plan will get Ava full custody of Avery, and she and Michael will have their happy ending.