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Perkie's Observations: Mike's Memories Unsettle Sonny on General Hospital

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Guests arrive at the Quartermaine mansion for Nelle's baby shower. Monica shares a toast. Nelle has a gift for Carly. She gives her guardianship papers and gets upset when Carly doesn't immediately jump for joy.

Lucy tries to convince Dante into performing at the Nurses Ball, but he's not interested. Both are distracted by Chase, who is singing in the locker room shower. Lucy then wrangles Chase into performing. Dante lays it on thick that Chase will be performing with the rest of the squad, when in fact, Chase will end up on stage alone.

Finn apologizes to Alexis for getting angry with her about the lunch with Chase. She admits she overstepped and wonders about his past. Finn explains how great his relationship with his father was, but that his father remarried quickly after his mother's death.

Chase shows up and mentions how he will perform at the ball. Finn is surprised to learn that his brother can sing.

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Mike is upset when he remembers that Avery is with Ava this week. He still blames himself for Sonny agreeing to partial custody of Avery. 

Max arrives to talk business with Sonny. Max says the field in Croton is still empty. He feels Sonny should either not worry about what he might know, or dig up the body and move it.

Mike overhears them and insists he knows something about Croton. Mike says someone is building something. Max makes a few calls and finds out there is new construction about to start in that spot.

Carly agrees to accept the guardianship papers. Nelle's ready to open Ava's gift, which turns out to be a penguin mobile. Carly loses her temper, saying Morgan loved penguins and that this was a deliberate move on Ava's part to hurt her.

Carly throws the mobile across the room.