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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Situation Becomes More Complicated on General Hospital

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Olivia tries to calm Carly's penguin-induced wrath against Ava. Bobbie blames Nelle. Carly calls her a snake, but Monica defends Nelle. Carly pops another pill. Nelle apologizes to Monica and Carly, but she doesn't accept it.

Joss defends Nelle, who begs to be able to name the baby Morgan. Carly accuses Nelle of hurting her and using Joss to get to Michael. Nelle tearfully runs out as Monica tells Carly to suck it up and be nice to Michael's baby mama.

Nelle eavesdrops as Joss warns Carly that Nelle will keep the baby from all of them if she doesn't make nice. Bobbie tells Carly to apologize to Nelle for Joss' sake.

Anna sends Henrik an introductory email. Peter gets the email and sends Valentin a message so they can meet.

Valentin accuses Anna of avoiding him. He claims he's looking for Robert about the conundrum box. Anna explains that Robert is off looking for Henrik so she doesn't have to.

Sonny tells Jason about the new construction in Croton and worries about the evidence. The two head out to the field to dig up the body. Old man Corinthos makes Jason do all the work while he sits on the sidelines reminiscing.

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Nina pays Curtis for his investigative services, but says she won't need him anymore. She feels Peter isn't a threat after all.

Sam questions Peter's thoughts about her staying at the company. Peter feels that it's in Drew's best interest for Sam to walk away. Sam however, declares she's staying put.

Maxie tells Peter she knows about Nathan's folder and is happy that he put it together for her and Nina. Maxie says she doesn't want to attend the Nurses Ball this year. Peter asks her to go with him as a friend.

Curtis tells Sam that Nina has stopped the investigation, but they decide to continue to work on it together.

Maxie tells Nina about her date to the ball with Peter. She's surprised to found out Nina is fine with it.

Jason and Sonny find the money clip from the body, but don't find a body in the grave.

Carly finds Nelle in the nursery and claims she wants a truce. Then, she spots the knitted blanket. It reminds Carly of one Morgan had. Carly realizes Nelle is the one who's gaslighting her. The two argue about it and Nelle denies everything. Nelle says Carly is too unhinged to be around the baby.

The two continue the argument at the top of the stairs. When AJ grabs Carly's arm, she pulls away and falls. Oh wait, that happened 15 years ago. In the 2018 version, Carly grabs the blanket and Nelle grabs it back. She loses her footing and falls down the stairs. (Way to be original show!)