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Perkie's Observations: Dante Arrests Carly on General Hospital

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Nelle falls down the stairs. Monica gets Olivia to hold her head steady while she examines her. Brad calls 911. Ava heads upstairs to check on Leo and Avery. Joss cries while Carly tries to explain that Nelle was taunting her with the blanket.

The ambulance takes Nelle away. Carly declares she would never do anything to hurt the baby. Monica decides to call the police.

Jason doesn't find a body, despite Sonny's insistence that he keep digging. Jason decides the body and gun have been moved, and Sonny worries the gun will point the finger to him.

The Floating Rib's been rebuilt in record time from the earthquake and is the spot to be on this night. Jordan and Anna discuss Curtis' proposal. Jordan feels he only asked because of her health scare and doesn't think she's ready for marriage. She asks Anna about Finn as he enters the bar.

Anna goes over to talk to Finn, but Alexis walks up at that moment. Chase runs into all of them and when Anna notices tension between the brothers, she questions Alexis. Anna is surprised to hear the boys are related.

Dante and Michael share a drink and talk about impending fatherhood. Michael feels he and Nelle will make a good team raising the baby.

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Peter gets an email from his mother. It tells him not to trust Valentin, just as he arrives. Valentin says Anna is off the search for Henrik. Peter mentions Sam is staying at Aurora. Valentin warns Sam may be an issue if the truth about Peter comes out.

Peter's thankful for Valentin's support over the years, but wonders why he's been so close. Valentin says there are similarities in their backgrounds and he's proud of the man Peter has become.

Peter sends his mother an email asking for proof of who she is. Anna responds that she knows his birthday is June 13th.

Josslyn calls Michael who heads to the hospital with Dante. Nelle wakes up at the hospital long enough to tell Michael that Carly pushed her down the stairs. Dante asks if it was on purpose and Nelle says yes, Carly wanted her to fall.

Chase arrives at the mansion and questions everyone. Monica tells him Carly and Nelle hate each other and were arguing all afternoon. Olivia doesn't want to say anything against Carly, but Chase pushes her. Olivia admits that they were arguing.

Carly tells him about the blanket, and how she and Nelle fought over it. Chase checks the foyer and the landing, but finds no signs of any blanket. Carly swears she isn't making it up and Nelle was responsible for tormenting her. 

Carly wants to head to the hospital, but Dante arrives. He explains Nelle told them Carly pushed her. He arrests Carly.

(*I'm mostly spoiler free, but I'm going to guess Ava took the blanket when she went to check on the kids, which is why it was no longer at the top of the stairs. )