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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Flips Out on Peter on General Hospital

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Carly spends the night at the PCPD. She tells Sonny and Jason that Nelle set her up. Carly explains about the blanket, but Diane wonders if she just imagined it. Jason defends Carly, saying someone else must have taken the blanket.

Carly believes Nelle was setting her up. Sonny points out Nelle couldn't have taken the blanket since she was unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Jason promises to help Carly uncover the truth.

Nelle's happy to see Michael spent the night at her bedside. Kim shows up, and after an exam lets them know that the baby is fine. Kim wants Nelle to spend another night for observation.

Drew talks to Andre about restoring his memories. Andre says he doesn't have the data to do it. Drew then asks if it's possible to remove Jason's memories from his brain.

Nurses Ball rehearsals are under way right down to Lucy walking a llama around (seriously, what was that?). Alexis is getting an award, which Finn will present. While practicing, Finn knocks Alexis' purse to the ground. He spots paperwork for Anna's will.

Griffin runs into Anna and asks about her search for Henrik. Anna says she's getting closer. Griffin heads to Peter's office to warn him off. Griffin says Peter either needs to leave town or come clean.

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Valentin sees Griffin storm off and asks Peter about it. Peter tells him that Griffin knows the truth, which sends Valentin into a tailspin. Valentin says Griffin is tight with Anna and will tell her the truth, despite Pete's assurances that Griffin won't sell him out.

Sonny tells Diane he thinks Carly is having a breakdown. Carly complains to Jason that Sonny doesn't believe her. She's upset it was all a set up and Morgan's not really alive. Jason is certain Nelle left a trail and they need to prove it.

Ava pays Nelle a visit and shows her she has the blanket (Chocolate chip cookie for me for guessing that yesterday!!). Nelle wants the blanket back. Ava says she's holding onto it, just like Nelle is hanging onto the photo on her phone.

Peter sends Anna an email to have Henrik to meet dear old mom tonight.

Valentin makes plans for his family to get out of dodge before the poop hits the fan.

Dante shows up to question Nelle to find out what happened before the fall. Nelle lays it on thick that things were tense at the shower and how Carly lost it when she saw the mobile. Nelle says Carly followed her to the nursery. When they got to the top of the stairs, Carly shook her and pushed her down. Dante asks about the blanket, but Nelle claims there never was a blanket.

Diane can't get Carly arraigned until tomorrow, leaving Carly to spend another night at the precinct. Dante returns and announces that according to Nelle, there is no blanket. Chase declares that it means Carly is being held on two counts of attempted murder.