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7 Must-Read Books Exploring Mother/Daughter Drama


Ah, the mother-daughter relationship how to best describe that connection from infancy to adolescence to adulthood? It’s an emotional rollercoaster, taking you on ride of great love, joy, greater exasperation and drama, earth-shattering secrets, and perhaps a little envy.

Share a book about about this very special dynamic with your mom, daughter, or granddaughter. Dish about the characters and their secrets, cry over the plot, and reconnect over brunch, coffee, or day of shopping (for books, of course!). Below are seven of our top recommendations.

I LIKED MY LIFE by Abby Fabiaschi

For psychological family drama readers. Debut author Abby Fabiaschi tackles a tragic subject: the suicide of Maddy, a devoted mother and wife, whose life on the surface appears perfect. Fabiaschi takes readers to two different planes—her family’s grief and coming to terms with upsetting truths. However, Maddy isn’t quite gone. Observing from the beyond, Maddy finds loving and high-spirited Rory, the perfect replacement for her rebellious teenage daughter and work-a-holic husband, but who harbors her own tragic secrets. Lisa See, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Snow Flower and The Secret Fan writes of I LIKED MY LIFE, “An emotional journey of love, loss, healing, and redemption. I rooted for every character.” 

somebody's daughter

SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER by Rochelle B. Weinstein

For readers of women’s fiction. USA TODAY bestselling author Rochelle B. Weinstein takes readers on an emotional mother and daughter journey plagued with secrets, disgrace, judgment, and reprisal. Emma and Bobby are the model family who boast a successful business, a happy marriage, and two lovely twin daughters, Zoe and Lily. On the night of the Zoe and Lily’s fifteenth birthday party, Zoe makes a reckless mistake that goes viral, thrusting her family into a public scandal that triggers Emma’s memories of her own secrets that potentially tear her family apart. Weinstein’s realistic and vivid characters and storyline examines the world of cyber sexual harassment and its consequences for everyone involved.

The Way of Beauty

THE WAY OF BEAUTY by Camille Di Maio

For readers of historical fiction. New York City history buffs will enjoy going back in time to see that love is a constant and strong female friendships never really change through time even as the City makes itself over and over. Camille Di Maio introduces memorable characters with historic Penn Station serving as the primary backdrop in the lives of four generations—a German immigrant grandfather who was part of the team that built the train tunnels to the great-granddaughter, who’s in favor of tearing the historic building in the name of progress. The story centers on the friendship between Vera and Pearl and the causes they take on to fulfill their dreams. 

Recommended Articles

No Time to Blink

NO TIME TO BLINK by Dina Silver

For readers of family life. For an emotional punch, Dina Silver delivers a poignant story about the deep-rooted bond between mothers and daughters. After Catherine married Gabriel, a handsome Lebanese businessman, they relocate to Lebanon where her daughter, Ann Marie, is born. As her surroundings become threatening, Catherine wishes to return to the State, but Gabriel forbids it and abducts their daughter. A thrilling story of deceit and betrayal, this page turner will keep readers up into the night 

The Forever Summer


For readers of women’s fiction. Jamie Brenner packs a bucket of big questions, twists and turns, and captivating secrets in this riveting tale three generations of women who reunite on Cape Cod during the summer. When Marin Bishop’s successful life falls apart in one day her life becomes more chaotic when she meets a woman claiming to her half-sister. Persuaded to drive to Cape Cod to meet her grandmother for the first time, revelations abound that will change Marin’s life. People Magazine said it best, “A captivating tale of family secrets and strong women.”

The Family Next Door

THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR by Sally Hepworth

For readers of psychological women’s fiction. Australian author Sally Hepworth crafted a story about a town filled with secrets with gut-wrenching consequences. Essie’s life might appear as ideal to the average observer, but she harbors a secret shame of leaving her newborn in her pram alone in a park when she was a young mother. Decades later and better, Essie still fears what lurks deep inside her. When Isabelle moves next door to Essie to many suspicious questions crop up, but Essie befriends Isabelle much to Essie’s detriment. THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR boasts realistic and flawed characters, and rich subplots. 

The English Wife

THE ENGLISH WIFE by Lauren Willig

For readers of historical mysteries. New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig sets this scandalous novel during the Gilded Age. When Annabelle Van Duyvil goes missing and is presumed dead, and her husband Bayard is found stabbed in the chest in their Tudor manor in the Hudson Valley, Bay’s sister Janie and a reporter form an alliance to find the truth. The more she learns about her brother and his wife, the more everything she thought she knew about them starts to unravel. A tale filled with intrigue, betrayals, and a mother straight from hell that will keep readers riveted to the last page.