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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital Kicks Off the Nurses Ball

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Welcome to the first day of the 2018 Nurses Ball.....

Liz and Franco, Curtis and Jordan, Joss and Oscar, and Peter and Maxie take their turns on the red carpet.

In other parts of town, Jason tries to convince Sonny that Carly would never jeopardize the baby's life. Sonny however, believes Carly's been losing it for weeks.

Kiki's stuck at the hospital doing David's grunt work. He overhears her on a phone call about it, so he gives her the night off to enjoy the festivities. Later, he creepily joins her at the ball.

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Robin asks Anna about Finn, but she says they're over and he's moved on. On the red carpet, Anna trips and lands in Finn's arms.

Spinelli's in town for the ball. Jason asks his help in trying to figure out how Nelle set up Carly.

Stella stops by to check on Mike. When Mike hears about the ball, he's determined to attend, despite Sonny's voice against it. Stella convinces Sonny it would be good for Mike, so the three attend together.

Jason runs into Robin and tells her that he's working with Anna on finding Henrik. He warns Robin that Anna is getting obsessed and asks her to keep an eye on her mother.

Robert's alive, but being held captive.

Lucy and her llama arrive to host the ball.