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Perkie's Observations: Sam Finds a Lighter on General Hospital

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The 2018 Nurses's Ball continues......

Lulu tells Peter she's been contacted by Henrik's mother and Anna is helping her with the case. Peter overhears that Valentin and his family are leaving for vacation tonight. Peter accuses Valentin of setting him up. Peter decides he's going to handle Anna himself.

The Nurses Ball opens with Epiphany, Felix, Amy, Bobbie, and Deanna. There is no sign of Liz so far this year.

Bobbie talks to Sonny and defends Carly's actions. She says Nelle baited her all afternoon. Bobbie refuses to believe that Carly pushed Nelle.

Emma and Robin get upset with Anna, who's spending the night with her nose in her phone. Anna claims she's waiting for a response from Robert, but Robin thinks it has to do with Henrik.

Henrik sends his mother a text to meet on Pier 55 at midnight.

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The next act is Chase, who thinks he'll be performing with his fellow officers. At the last minute, Dante admits that Chase is on his own. Chase sings and brings the house down.

Nina and Curtis perform a magic trick. At the end, Curtis proposes to Jordan, who accepts.

Sam sneaks into Peter's office to snoop around. She finds the lighter and figures out the initials CF stand for Cesar Faison.

Maxie complains to Kim the baby is very active tonight, but Kim reassures her that it's fine. Later, Maxie gets upset and heads out. She tells Peter she's upset that Nathan's absence is hitting her especially hard.

Robin tells Sonny she always feels Stone's presence at the ball. Sonny thanks her for being the first to recognize that Mike was sick.

Lucy's ready for the Pioneer Award and is looking for Finn to present it to Alexis. Finn however, has followed Anna backstage. He remembers the updated will that fell out of Alexis' bag. He believes Anna has been pushing him away because she's dying.

While Molly gives a short speech on stage to introduce her mother, Alexis eavesdrops as Finn tells Anna he still cares about her.