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Perkie's Observations: Jason Steps Up to Help Sam and Carly on General Hospital


The 2018 Nurses's Ball continues......

Alexis runs out of the ball after hearing Finn's words to Anna. Finn heads out to find her, but Molly tears a strip off of him first. Anna catches up with Finn and tells him she's not dying.

Nina doesn't understand Valentin's sudden desire to leave. She insists he perform as planned.

Ned and Olivia perform.

Jason tells Michael that Carly didn't push Nelle because she'd never risk hurting the baby. Jason says Nelle has been sabotaging Carly and he's going to prove it. Michael questions Nelle about the fall, but she insists Carly pushed her deliberately.

Finn catches up to Alexis to apologize. Alexis blames herself for getting in the middle of Finn and Anna. Finn tries to explain his feelings, but Alexis asks him to leave. Julian shows up to check on Alexis.

Oscar and Josslyn perform.

Sam calls Jason to the office to give him the lighter. The two realize that Peter is Henrik.

Robin spots Anna leaving. Anna makes it seem as though she's going to meet up with Finn.

Maxie tells Peter she's not feeling well, so he takes her home. On the way home, Maxie's water breaks.

Jason wants Sam to hack into Peter's email to find out who he's going to meet up with.

Valentin performs.

Robert Effin' Scorpio shows up and punches Valentin in the face. I love Robert!!