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Perkie's Observations: Anna Walks Into a Trap on General Hospital

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The 2018 Nurses Ball continues......

Robert arrests Valentin under the authority of the WSB (yeah baby!!) and drags his weaselly butt to, well, just to the lobby where he plunks him down and demands answers. Robert accuses Valentin of taking Anna's child and giving him to Faison to raise.

Maxie declares there's no time to get to the hospital, so Peter calls an ambulance before delivering Maxie's son on the side of the road. The ambulance arrives and takes Maxie and baby to the hospital. She asks Peter to reach out to Spinelli and have him let her parents know.

Spinelli hacks Peter's computer looking for proof that he is Henrik. Spin sees the email between Henrik and his mother. Jason is shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya, that Anna would not tell him about the meeting.

Anna hangs out on the docks, waiting for Henrik to show up.

Mike decides to perform and gets partway through the song before he forgets the lyrics. Sonny gets up and finishes the song with him.

Kiki's dress strap breaks. She heads backstage for help to get it sewn up. She removes the dress just as Dr. Letch appears to drool over her partially naked body. Griffin arrives, so David claims he was looking for the men's room.

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Once David leaves, Kiki starts crying, but blames it on stress. Griffin hugs her and Ava sees them. She misunderstands and reacts. Ava performs her song, which is sort of an FU to Sonny and others. Later, Griffin chastises her that it wasn't the song she rehearsed, but Ava's not feeling apologetic.

Olivia thanks Cook-2 for pitching in at the last minute. Olivia offers her the job of head chef at Metro Court. Cook says she was offered a better job in Rome and will be leaving tonight. Olivia is thrilled she will now be in charge of the Quartermaine kitchen.

Robert interrogates Valentin, who says Anna is walking into a trap by meeting with Henrik. Robert checks with Robin, who says Anna got a message and took off. Nina overhears and demands to know how long Valentin has known Henrik's identity.

Nina wonders if Nathan would still be alive if Valentin had spilled the beans. He disagrees, saying Cesar Faison was determined to get to Nathan no matter what.

Peter calls Spinelli and tells him about Maxie and the baby. Spin finds the email telling Anna to meet Henrik on the pier. Jason heads out to the pier.

Lucy thanks everyone for attending the ball and making contributions. The nurses close out the ball with their number.

Kim heads to the hospital and gives Maxie and her baby a clean bill of health. Maxie's sad she can't have the baby in her room with her. Kim arranges for a webcam shot of the baby so Maxie can watch him.

Anna thinks Henrik stood her up and starts to leave. Peter shows up and admit he's Henrik. Peter believes Anna is faking being his mother to draw him out and trap him. He pulls a gun on Anna.