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Perkie's Observations: Ava Appears To Take Control on General Hospital

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Peter pulls a gun on Anna, but Jason shows up with his own gun. We have a standoff until Jason smacks Peter in the head, giving him the upper hand. Anna says Peter isn't a threat and pulls her own gun on Jason.

Griffin confronts Ava about the song she sang, claiming it was a slap in the face to Sonny. Ava says it wasn't about Sonny, but about Griffin and Kiki. Ava presses Griffin to say he loves her, but he can't.

Ava accuses Griffin of only caring for her while she needed rescuing and now he's lost interest because she's better. Ava says she saw him backstage with Kiki. Griffin says he was comforting her. Ava says he never makes her feel like she deserves or is worthy of love. Ava dumps Griffin's butt.

Dante walks in on Robert roughing up Valentin in the interrogation room. Robert says Anna's walking into a trap and needs to know Henrik's identity. Finn shows up, worried about Anna. Robert tells him to go to the hospital and find out if Anna has been brought in.

Valentin claims he's going to file assault charges against Robert unless he gets a deal. Robert promises the bureau won't press charges if he gets Anna back. Valentin tells Robert and Dante that Peter is Henrik.

Lulu's surprised when Nina drops Charlotte off for the night. Nina admits Valentin has been keeping secrets. He knew who Henrik was and planned on whisking them all away.

Sam and Spin visit with Maxie and coo over the baby on the monitor. Later, Finn overhears as Sam tells Spin she's going down to the pier to meet with Anna and Jason. Finn sends Robert a text to come to the pier.

Michael shows up at the ball eleventy eleven hours after it's over and comes across Kiki drinking by herself. Kiki says she's dreading work tomorrow and tells Michael about the harassment.

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Kiki admits she hasn't reported "him", so Michael points out he can do something since he's on the board. Kiki begs him not to. She'll just trying to stay out of "his" way. (David’s name is never actually mentioned, though we don't know if that's a hint of things to come.)

Spinelli calls Nina and tells her Maxie had the baby, so Nina heads to the hospital. Nina's thrilled she has a nephew. Maxie thinks she should honor Peter somehow as Spin stands there biting his tongue.

Jason demands to know why Anna is protecting Peter. Anna admits she's really his mother, which Peter doesn't believe at first. Finn arrives as Anna explains about the day he was born. She says as far as she knew, he had been given to a loving family.

Finn wants everyone to put their guns down. Sam shows up. Jason tells Anna that Peter will destroy her. Peter says Anna isn't his mother, but just the bitch who gave birth to him. Peter tries to turn Anna and Jason against each other.

Robert and a uniformed officer show up on the pier. Robert has Peter arrested and says he’s extraditing him to Steinmauer.

Dante gets home and tells Lulu who Peter really is. At first, Lulu doesn't believe it. She eventually does and is upset that Peter fooled her. Dante calls Nina and tells her that Peter is really Henrik and Valentin knew.

Ava inexplicably returns to Griffin's room seven minutes after breaking up with him. She begs him to take her back. Meanwhile, he's down in the ballroom hanging out with a drunk Kiki. (Nothing could possibly go wrong there.)

Valentin convinces the police they are trampling on his civil rights, so he gets released and heads over to Lulu's. He wants Charlotte and Nina back.

Anna admits to Finn she didn't want anyone to know the truth about Henrik. The two share a hug.