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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Learns the Truth About Peter on General Hospital

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Robert takes Peter to the PCPD and Chase demands answers. Peter claims he wants to press charges against Jason for clocking him in the head. Sam counters that Peter committed fraud by not disclosing his real name.

Peter claims he saved Jason's life and only changed his name to escape his father's clutches. Jason explains Henrik paid everyone to hold him in a Russian clinic. Peter says his head hurts and he needs to go to the hospital. Chase agrees, but tells Robert to get the extradition papers ready.

Anna tells Finn she missed all the clues that Peter was Henrik, who was hiding in plain sight. She says that's why she pushed Finn away. He says he's in no position to judge her. Anna explains her past with Faison and how she gave up the baby. She's upset that she didn't keep track of him over the years. If she did, maybe Peter's life would have been different.

Robert calls Anna and tells her that Peter is being taken to the hospital. Finn offers to have him checked out. Sam worries that Peter is going after Maxie again, and heads to the hospital as well.

Maxie continues to tell Nina how helpful and wonderful Peter was during the delivery. Nina chooses not to tell her the truth about Peter's identity.

Lulu tells Valentin that Charlotte is sleeping and Nina already left. Dante wants to know why Valentin was released. He claims he didn't commit any crime other than knowing Peter's identity.

Dante confronts Lulu about her emails with Henrik. She says she was working with Anna. The two argue about her newfound profession before Dante storms off back to work.

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Kiki and Griffin head to his hotel room to share a bottle of champagne. He tells her that he can waltz so the two dance. They kiss, which then turns into a bed session.

Nina gets home and confronts Valentin. She says Nathan would be alive if they had known the truth about Peter. Valentin explains that he was working for Faison and found an interest in Peter.

Valentin admits he helped Henrik change his identity to escape from Faison. Valentin says he protected Peter's secret because he owed him.

Anna storms in, telling them both that her son almost shot her tonight. She accuses Valentin of setting it all in motion. His hatred for her made him deliberately put Peter in Cesar's path.

Valentin admits it gave him leverage over her. Anna says he handed a child to a monster. Nina agrees with Anna saying Valentin's saving grace was his feelings towards children, namely Charlotte. Valentin claims he's haunted by his decisions.

Drew stops by to see Maxie and is with her when Chase brings Peter in. Sam and Jason arrive at the same time. Maxie sees Peter in handcuffs and demands to know why. Peter admits to her that he's really Henrik.

Peter swears he never had an agenda with her. Maxie realizes that Cesar was after Peter that night at Crimson and not her. She wants nothing to do with him.

Drew can't believe that Peter was Henrik all along. Sam says he might have the flash drive, but Drew doesn't care about that. Drew says he and Andre are working to get his memories back so he can get rid of any trace of Jason. Sam tells Jason that she wants the flash drive.

Peter is taken to be examined by Finn. Maxie heads back to her room and cries. Nina leaves Valentin, who sits and drinks. Anna heads to the station for a hug from Robert.