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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Takes a Double Dip on General Hospital

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The morning after, Ava's knocking on the door while Kiki runs and hides in the bathroom. Griffin pretends he spent the night alone. Ava apologizes for the nasty things she said to him and begs for another chance.

Ava's certain Griffin loves her. She's sorry she jumped to the wrong conclusion about him and Kiki. She says she knows he wouldn't betray her. Griffin is about to tell Ava the truth, but Kiki sends a text from the bathroom not to say anything. Griffin says he has to get ready for work and gets rid of Ava.

Kiki tells Griffin that Ava can never know about their night together since it would destroy her (methinks Ava will find out in 6-8 weeks when Kiki starts having morning sickness. I'm calling it here!!)

Michael checks in on Nelle, who's waiting for her release papers to come through. She lays it on thick that she's dealing with PTSD since the fall.

Julian brings flowers to Alexis. He claims he just wants her to be happy and didn't deserve to be tossed aside by Finn. Alexis says he can't be the one to make her happy. The two reminisce about their first night together. Julian admits he's been in love with her ever since. The two share a kiss, but Alexis breaks it off and insists he leave.

At the PCPD, Carly is determined to prove she didn't push Nelle down the stairs. Diane arrives and tells her there is still no proof of the blanket and the judge assigned to the case is a tough one. Diane says there is a real possibility that Carly might go to jail.

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Drew and Kim discuss the ball. He's not amused that Julian left her to run after Alexis. Kim defends Julian. Drew brings up he will be working with Andre to remove all of Jason's memories. Kim feels it's high-risk and doesn't want Oscar to lose his father.

Michael shows up at the station to hear his mother's side of the story. Carly says Nelle is a master manipulator and was taunting her all afternoon at the shower. Carly explains what happened and swears she didn't push Nelle.

Michael brings up the missing blanket. Carly counters that Jason and Spinelli will find it along with other proof that Nelle orchestrated everything. Carly swears she would never endanger her grandchild.

Joss pays Nelle a visit to get her side of the story. Nelle claims Carly pushed her because she wanted her and the baby gone forever. Nelle claims Carly is having a breakdown and needs help. Joss is too naive to catch on when Nelle mentions this has brought her and Michael closer together.

Diane warns Sonny the case against Carly will be an uphill battle. She's also viewed as flight risk. Diane thinks Carly was more out of control that day than she's willing to admit.

Diane tells Carly her history of violence (shooting Tony), irrational behavior, and stay in the mental institution will work against her. Carly says she's going to prove Nelle was behind it all. Diane says that will make it worse since it will give Carly a motive for pushing Nelle. Diane believes Carly could get 25 years in prison.

Michael returns to the hospital. He tells Nelle he'll be working from home so he can take care of whatever she needs.

Ava returns to Griffin's room, again, naked and seduces him.