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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Is Forgiven on General Hospital

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Mac and Felicia show up at the hospital to see Maxie and are not amused to hear the truth about Peter's identity. Maxie announces the baby's name is James Malcolm West after Nathan and Mac.

At the PCPD, Dante questions why Peter stuck around after Faison died. Peter claims he didn't want to lose the connections he'd made. Dante accuses Peter of using Lulu and Nathan to lure his father out of hiding.

Lulu thanks Nina for bringing Charlotte to her the night before and putting the child's needs above her own. Valentin shows up saying it's his week with Charlotte and he wants her. He says there are no charges pending against him and he wants to take his family to Morocco. Nina tells him to leave Charlotte with Lulu.

At the courthouse, Carly is waiting for her arraignment. Diane wants her to plead not guilty due to insanity, which Carly refuses to do. Diane says there is no evidence to help Carly and all the witnesses are on Nelle's side.

Carly says she was in control and didn't push Nelle, but Diane says it's Carly's word against Nelle's. Diane says she can prove insanity because of  Carly's irrational behavior. Carly says she won't perjure herself nor is she playing Nelle's game.

Diane bring's up Sonny. She thinks Carly being a mobster's wife will be fair game for the new DA. Diane is determined.

Robert chastises Anna for telling Peter the truth. Anna claims she needed to stop Jason from killing him. Anna heads to the station to talk to Peter. She explains she gave him up to keep him away from Faison.

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Anna explains Valentin's feelings for her. Valentin gave Peter to Faison, but regretted it.

Brad and Nelle catch up and discuss how they'll soon be having playdates together. Brad can't believe that Carly pushed Nelle. Nelle questions whether Brad believes her story, but then backtracks.

Lulu stops by to see Maxie and congratulates her on her baby. She swears she didn't know Peter's identity. She complains she was desperate to feel worthwhile and got caught up in the whole thing. Lulu swears she never meant for anything to happen to Nathan.

Maxie admits she was angry and hurt, but absolves Lulu because everything was Peter's fault. Lulu asks for forgiveness and claims she'll do anything to help Maxie and the baby.

Valentin wants things to go back to the way they were, but Nina's not having it. He claims he couldn't betray Peter by revealing his identity. Nina's angry there was no warning about Faison coming and refuses to live with his lies anymore.

Nina says she only sees her dead brother when she looks at Valentin. If he were a good man, he would go to Morocco on his own and leave Charlotte with Lulu.

Anna tells Dante and Robert she won't testify against Peter. He didn't hurt her and she won't condemn him again. After Anna leaves, Dante and Robert still want to press charges against him. Peter says he has something to offer them (methinks the bus is coming to get Valentin).

Maxie asks Lulu's help in taking down Peter.