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Former The Bold and the Beautiful Star Winsor Harmon Is Busted AGAIN For Public Intoxication

Winsor Harmon

Winsor Harmon

Former The Bold and the Beautiful actor Winsor Harmon (ex-Thorne) was arrested again for being drunk in public. This comes three months after Harmon's first arrest. Harmon is best known for his role as Eric (John McCook) and the late Stephanie (Susan Flannery) Forrester's eldest biological son.

According to TMZ, Harmon was arrested earlier this month after someone called police about a man sleeping in his car in the San Fernando Valley. Once police came on the scene, they found Harmon asleep in the back seat of his SUV.  While looking inside to check on Harmon, police saw empty beer cans all over the floor and noticed he had flat tires as well. Once the actor woke up, police noticed he was drunk and disoriented when he departed from the SUV.

Police decided to take Harmon into custody when they deemed him too intoxicated to take care of himself and carted him off to jail. Harmon was later released and given a citation. So far, Harmon has remained quiet on his latest arrest.

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