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Perkie's Observations: Carly Gets Time in Pentonville on General Hospital

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At the courthouse, Judge Horowitz asks for a plea on the two counts of attempted murder. Carly, against her better judgement, enters a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Diane addresses the judge, telling him that Carly has been under duress since Morgan's death, and was not in her right mind. She asks for reasonable bail.

DA Dawson counters that she wants Carly held without bail, since she's wealthy and will flee the country. Diane claims Carly has deep ties to the country, namely her children. The DA says Carly has been harrassing Nelle for months.

Liz and Franco discuss their wedding. She wants to elope since she only needs her boys with her. Franco however, thinks it's time to meet her family. Liz says there is no point inviting them because they're always busy. Liz admits she's never been close to her family.

Alexis asks Kevin's help in figuring out why she's always drawn to the men who are bad for her. She lists off all the men in her life that have made her miserable. Kevin offers to see her for regular sessions.

Andre tells Drew he has the notes he needs to remove Jason's memories. Andre's worried about side effects or complications that could affect all of his current relationships. Drew on the other hand, just wants them to get started. Franco overhears and warns Drew not to go through with it.

Peter wants to offer something to Robert in exchange for dropping all the charges. Robert doesn't care what Peter has to say. He's determined to send Peter away where he can't hurt Anna. Peter asks for a phone call, claiming Robert is trampling on his rights.

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David tells Kiki they're time together is wrapping up and she's going to be shadowing a different doctor. He shows her his evaluation, which is not good. Kiki complains saying it could end her career before it starts. David gives her a key to the Metro Court and tells her that if she wants a better review, she'll meet him there for sex.

Anna tells Finn about her talk with Peter and how he hates her. Finn's glad she's confiding in him. Anna still feels that her life is too dangerous for him, but Finn says it's worth the risk.

Finn heads to a meeting, where he apologizes to Alexis for hurting her.

Kevin wonders why Franco hasn't been meeting with him and says there is still work for them to do. Later, Franco's using Spyder Finder to look up Liz's father.

Liz finds Kiki crying in a closet. Kiki tells her about David's harrassment.

Diane asks the court for house arrest, but the judge sentences Carly to Pentonville until her trial. Diane complains, but the judge says the plea implies that Carly is admitting to pushing Nelle down the stairs.

Carly wants to change her plea, but Diane talks her out of it. Carly's carted off to Pentonville.

Peter calls Drew. He tells him if he helps him out of the charges, Peter will give Drew his memories back.