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Perkie's Observations: Obrecht Vows to Protect James on General Hospital

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Kiki tells Liz this isn't the first time David has harassed her. Kiki tells her story from the beginning. Liz promises he'll get what's coming to him and wants to talk to the administration.

Kiki worries that it will be her word against David's and she'll be labelled a troublemaker. Liz says Kiki is feeling powerless and she needs to speak up to make things better. Liz promises to support Kiki no matter what she decides to do. Kiki agrees to speak up.

Sam updates Curtis on the truth about Peter. She also tells him that she needs to rebuild her life and get out of Aurora. Curtis offers her a partnership in his PI firm, which Sam will think about.

Peter says he has the flash drive information in his possession. He tells Drew it's his if he'll help Peter escape. Drew tells him he'll be doing a procedure with Andre, but Peter thinks it's a dangerous alternative.

Dr. Obrecht finally resurfaces at the hospital to see her grandson. Nina explains how the baby was born. She fills her in that Peter is Henrik and Faison was after him the night Nathan died. Liesl is also shocked to hear that Anna is Peter's mother.

Nina takes Liesl to see the baby. She tells her his name is James, which thrills Liesl. Later, Liesl vows to protect the baby no matter what. (Methinks Peter should be scared, really scared).

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Valentin wants Alexis' services to create a trust for Charlotte. He notices Alexis was looking through Cassadine stuff and sees a photo of Mikkos. He offers to give her whatever information he has on their father.

Kim seeks out Jason to tell him Drew is going to have a procedure that could harm him. She wants Jason to talk him out of it. Jason says Drew won't listen to him. Kim asks if he was in the same position, what would convince Jason? He says the people who love him, namely Carly, and Kim should try to convince Drew herself.

Lucas stops by to ask Julian information about his birth mother to have on record for his baby. Lucas mentions he's worried that his baby's birth mother will back out since she has 30 days to change her mind.

Sam stops by the station to see Peter. He warns her that Drew is risking his life by doing the procedure. (Methinks the anvils are dropping hard and fast that Drew won't be the same at the end of this).

Curtis runs into Nina, who is crying. She tells him she's filing for divorce from Valentin.

Drew tells Kim he's going ahead with the procedure.

Sam stops by Jason's to ask for his help.

Valentin pays a visit to Peter in jail.