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Perkie's Observations: Drew Wants to Move Forward on General Hospital


Sam wants Jason's help in setting Peter free to get the flash drive for Drew. She doesn't want Drew to take the risk of doing the procedure without his memories. Jason says releasing Peter will be dangerous to Anna and that he won't do it. Sam decides she'll do it on her own and tells Jason to respect her decision.

Peter accuses Valentin of putting this whole thing in motion just to use as leverage against Anna. Valentin admits he loved Anna, but wanted to hurt her when she rejected him. He says he regrets putting Peter with Faison.

Valentin says Peter should understand since he's been trying to make amends to Maxie since Nathan's death. Peter doesn't want to hear it, but Valentin offers to help him any way he can.

Kiki and Liz head to Monica's office to file a complaint against David. Kiki explains everything. Monica asks if anyone witnessed the harassment, but Kiki says it happened when they were alone. Monica tells her without proof, it will be hard to make the accusation stick.

Monica says she'll have to recuse herself. She explains that HR will have to take the lead and launch an investigation. Kiki's worried that David will know she's the one who complained. Monica offers to rearrange Kiki's schedule, and to have Liz and Griffin work the same shifts.

Monica tells them David won't be fired, but suspended and allowed to come back. Monica offers Kiki her full support.

Drew wants to finalize plans with Andre before the procedure. He gives Andre DNR papers, saying if the procedure doesn't work, Andre is to let Drew die. Drew admits Peter has the flash drive, but he has no intention of helping him escape. Andre finally agrees to do the procedure, but tells Drew to wait until the last day to decide to go through with it.

Dr. Obrecht accuses Anna of causing Nathan's death by not telling anyone the truth about her being Henrik's mother. Griffin breaks up the argument. Anna admits to Griffin that Peter is her son.

David stops by the gallery to tell Ava he thinks Kiki has been behaving strangely lately. He says she's been late, distracted, and on her phone. Ava tells him about Avery's kidnapping. David says a lot of students flame out and make up wild stories. David mentions Griffin's support of Kiki.

Griffin stops by the gallery and Ava asks what's going on with Kiki. She explains the conversation that Kiki is having issues. Griffin has his own issues. He  tells her that Anna is Peter's mother and he knew Peter was Henrik.

Griffin wants to tell Anna the truth. Ava reminds him he could be fired for doing the test without permission. Ava tells him to stay out of it because it will only burden Anna. She promises to keep Griffin's secret.

Sam and Jason head to the station, but find out Peter has escaped. He's locked Valentin in his cell. Anna shows up and wonders why Jason would help Peter escape. She realizes he has the flash drive. Sam admits Peter has it and she wants it.

Peter goes back to his room at the Metro Court to get his passport and money. He leaves a note for Maxie and Drew, then finds the flash drive. Someone (I'm guessing Dr. Obrecht) stabs him with a syringe and knocks him out.