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Perkie's Observations: Peter's Kidnapper Is Revealed on General Hospital


Anna's searching Peter's room for clues about his disappearance. Jason arrives and tells her she needs to protect herself. He feels Peter will come after Anna again even though Anna thinks Peter is long gone.

Robert shows up and after a few minutes claims Anna is happy Peter escaped. Anna denies this, saying she wants him to be processed through the proper channels and exonerated. Robert says Peter was Faison's accomplice. Anna counters that Peter was coerced.

Jason finds the spot where the flash drive was taped to the drawer and figures Peter has it. Robert thanks Jason for saving Anna when Peter was ready to kill her.

Maxie has a nightmare about Peter. Nina's there to comfort her. Nina tells Maxie about Peter's escape. She adds that Valentin has known him his entire life, and Anna is Peter's mother. Deanna brings James in for quality time with Maxie.

Nelle's back at the mansion. She tells  Michael she's sorry that Carly was sent to Pentonville. Michael says it's obvious Carly had a breakdown and his main focus now is Nelle and the baby.

Sonny pays Carly a visit in jail. The two have the same argument that Carly didn't push Nelle, Jason will find proof, and she shouldn't have pled insanity. Sonny counters there's no proof of anything and pleading insanity is the best way out.

Peter is dragged unconscious into a cabin in the woods and tied to the bed.

Jason stops by the mansion to talk to Michael, so Nelle offers them privacy. (It really means she stands outside the door eavesdropping.) Jason tells Michael that Carly didn't push Nelle and that he needs to put family first. Michael says he is putting his family first and sends Jason a message with his eyes that makes it obvious he's playing Nelle.

Anna calls Robin to discuss Peter. She says she's flying out to see Robin in person to explain. Robert tells Anna that she's Robin's hero, but this news will throw her for a loop. He says Anna should do everything to help Robin accept this news.

Anna stops by to see Maxie before leaving. She gives Maxie the letter that Peter left behind.

Jason pays Carly a visit and is not happy that she pleaded insanity. Carly says Diane and Sonny wanted it and they can't prove she didn't push Nelle. Jason tells her to listen to her instincts.

Michael calls Spinelli and tells him to find anything he can on Nelle.

Sonny stops by the mansion to see Nelle.

Someone pays Peter a visit......duh duh duh, it's Nina.