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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Uses Sonny's Visit Against Carly on General Hospital


Peter demands to know what Nina wants from him. She says she wants her brother back and accuses him of worming his way into Maxie's life. Nina says Faison is proud of the man Peter has become, which angers him.

Sonny wants Nelle to change her statement against Carly. Nelle says it wasn't an accident and Carly pushed her deliberately. Sonny promises to give her anything she wants, but Nelle lays it on thick that she won't feel safe until Carly gets help. Sonny warns he looks after his own and menacingly welcomes her to the family.

Oscar stops by to see Carly and tell her Joss loves her. Carly sees through it and knows Joss has no idea that Oscar is there. Oscar promises to look out for Joss while Carly is in prison.

Maxie doesn't want anything to do with Peter, including reading the letter he left behind. Anna points out while he was in the process of escaping, he took the time to leave the letter for her. Later, Maxie reads the letter, which claims Peter never meant to hurt her.

Finn finds out that Peter escaped and is concerned for Anna. She says she's uncertain how she feels about it, then mentions she needs to go to Berkeley to tell Robin. Anna's worried it might cost her Robin, and change the way Robin she sees her. Finn reassures her. Later, he shows up on the plane with her.

Mike and Felix are hanging out playing checkers. Mike starts talking about Sonny and how he helped him years ago by moving a guy from Croton.

Peter promises to stay away from Maxie if Nina lets him go. Nina says she's not the one in charge. Just then, Liesl walks in. Nina questions Liesl's end game, pointing out that she's now an accessory.

Nina says she doesn't want revenge, she wants justice. Liesl decides she won't kill Peter, but she'll keep him long enough for him to confess.

Monica stops by to see Drew. She tells him he doesn't have to stay at the hotel because there's room for him at the mansion. Drew thanks her, but isn't going to take her up on it even though Monica gave him a key.

Chase stops for a statement from Maxie. He finds her crying and tries to make her feel better. Epiphany kicks him out and tells Maxie she's being released. In the hallway, Chase offers to walk Maxie out. (methinks this was supposed to be a chemistry test, but Kirsten was off sick).

Oscar stops by to see Drew because he's concerned about Joss and Carly. He worries he made things worse, but Drew reassures him. After Oscar leaves, Drew rethinks the DNR.

Sonny wants Joss to go to Australia to stay with Jax. Joss refuses.

Nelle pays Carly a visit to let her know about Sonny's words to her. She lays it on thick how everyone is rallying around her and how she'll be there for Joss. Nelle mentions about Michael moving back in and how she has him, just like she promised Carly she would.

Carly gets angry, freaks out at Nelle, and loses her shizz.